Photography exhibition by Jordi Tortosa Gassó / Exposición fotográfica de Jordi Tortosa Gassó / Exposició fotogràfica de Jordi Tortosa Gassó.

The Soler Blasco Municipal Archaeological & Ethnographic Museum of Jávea hosts a photography exhibition by Jordi Tortosa Gassó until January 16. The artist, a native of Fuente de la Figuera, is a mature but passionate photographer, who wants to show … Continue reading

Xàbia reinforces the work on the Montgó with social brigades / Xàbia refuerza los trabajos en el Montgó con las brigadas sociales / Xàbia reforça els treballs en el Montgó amb les brigades socials

Next week 5 forestry labourers will also be added through a joint plan with the Valencian government This week the first 10 brigades of workers hired by the City Council through the social emergency plan for employment and environmental protection have … Continue reading

Xàbia starts 2016 with humour – Comedy Thursday / Xàbia empieza 2016 con el nuevo ciclo de humor “Dijous de Comèdia” / Xàbia comença 2016 amb el nou cicle d’humor “Dijous de Comèdia”

The Department of Culture announces a contest for amateur stand-up comedians, to complement the professional show. The Department of Culture of Javea has announced some of the main proposals for the year which is about to begin. Among them, a … Continue reading